A detailed list of the services I provide, along with an estimated price. This list is not fully exhausted and there may be other solutions that I can help you with, so let's talk!

We can schedule a no-commitment 15 minute session to chat about what you need and see if we are a good fit.


Cloud solution design

As an officially certified AWS Solutions Architect I can help you design available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed systems on AWS to meet any of your business needs.

I will provide detailed documents and visual aids explaining every component in your soon-to-be architecture, how they communicate and work with each other, their approximate cost, and the basic configuration needed to get everything up and running.

AWS Certified Cloud PractitionerAWS Solutions Architect

$ Price may vary depending on the complexity of the solution, but it is usually included in the general consulting fee.


Fullstack development

Do you need help building your own custom digital solution? I got you covered. Personal or business websites, web applications, CLI tools, APIs, and more. Frontend, backend, or fullstack: it doesn't matter. I deliver efficient, and easy-to-maintain code ready for a production environment. I usually work with:

  • Python and Node
    • With frameworks like Django , Flask , and NestJS or directly within AWS Lambda
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
    • With React and NextJS

I can also support you in the database domain. From choosing the right one for the job, to data modeling and management. I like working with:

  • Relational databases
    • Like PostgreSQL or ay other SQL database
  • NoSQL databases
    • Like MongoDB and DynamoDB

After the work is done I can also assist you with the deployment, maintenance or hosting of your brand new development.

$ Price will vary depending on project complexity, time for delivery, and wether it will include deployment, maintenance or hosting.


General consulting

Not everything needs a custom infrastructure or application, sometimes, using existing tools or services is the only thing you need. Take the first step into digital transformation and start future-proofing your business. I will guide you through the several solutions already available and how to implement them in your organization.

Other things I could help you with:

  • Project management
  • Team leadership and management
  • Software evaluation
  • Infrastructure cost optimization
  • Existing application analysis and maintenance
  • Team training on specific technologies

$ Starts at USD 150/hr and will include detailed documents with each session's discussed topics, agreements, and next steps (if applicable).